Maitland Family Dentistry, 331 North Maitland Avenue, Suite A3, Maitland, Florida 32751

331 North Maitland Avenue, Suite A3, Maitland, Florida 32751

Maitland Family Dentistry, 331 North Maitland Avenue, Suite A3, Maitland, Florida 32751



Who we are and What we do

For those new to our office we'd like to welcome you and begin to introduce ourselves. Maitland Family Dentistry is a privately owned dental office that has been open and proudly serving Central Florida since 1974. We are extremely proud to say that we still see some patients that joined our practice in the summer of that year. We are a group of dentists, a specialist, and a staff eager to help our patients maintain their dental health.

While I will be the first to say we are not perfect, I will say that our entire office staff will work extremely hard at providing a high level of care and trust that our patients deserve. I promise you will NEVER feel like you are being "sold" anything. You will never be persuaded into any decisions you're not comfortable with. We base our decisions and recommendations on science, not emotions. Our recommendations will always be backed by scientific proof and modern evidence. Being a small office we don't have a "business" department to "close" any deals, and there is no year end, close out specials. NONE of our staff are paid on commission nor driven by anything other than our name, patients' trust, and our image in the community. That's how we create our value.

What we do is a bit simpler... we do our best to deliver the dentistry our patients have come to expect. Whether it's a routine cleaning or a complete smile makeover, we can help. We work with the finest dental specialist in town and make sure we deliver results our wonderful patients expect and deserve. If there's something you read about or saw on TV that interests you, let one of our team members know. We will be sure to get you the details and our recommendations about it. As our name reads, we are a Family Dental Practice which guides our patients to make informed decisions to achieve their goals.

Below, you will see pictures and brief introductions of our dental team. You can expect to see the same faces when you visit our office, because our team members have been with us for an average of 9 years, something we are proud of and have worked hard to achieve. You can also click on the What we do page to get a closeup look at some things we do to make your experience as pleasant as possible. We realize going to the dentist will always have a stigma attached, but we will do everything possible to improve that impression over time.

Ramzi Matar, DMD
Family Dentistry

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Peter Chen, DMD, MS
Endodontics (Root Canal Specialist)

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Jamie: Patient Care Coordinator

Jamie is a native Floridian who grew up in Longwood. Many of you know her as the voice of the office when you call us, and the friendly face you see when you come in. Jamie is an integral part of our office. She has been with the practice since 2001. She's been married for 35 years to her husband, Sterl. She is the proud mother of Courtney, her daughter, and Cody, her son. She now lives in Osteen, Florida and has a small ranch and barn where she enjoys raising a host of farm animals and horses that her husband uses for team roping (yup, she's married to a true cowboy.) I stopped trying to keep up with all the animals she has currently as it quickly becomes confusing. So if you want to know how many 2, 4 and even 6 legged creatures she currently has, just ask her next time you are in the office, and she will entertain you with plenty of stories.

While I should not tell you this, a well kept secret is that she was not only Home Coming Queen, but also Prom Queen & the captain of the cheerleading team at Lyman High School in 1971. Again, you didn't hear that from me. Please tell her you heard it on the "internet" from an anonymous source...

Kim: Patient Care Coordinator

If Kim looks a lot like someone else on this wall, you are correct. You will also recognize the last names match. Kim is Blanche's daughter. Kim works here one day a week on Fridays to give Jamie a break. She blesses us with her charming personality and ever lasting affection to our patients. She is a full time student at SSC studying toward a degree in Biology for a future in healthcare. We worry that she and Liz will both get dental degrees and put us out of business with their combined charm. We will do our best to stay on their good sides.

When Kim is not studying or helping our Friday patients, she enjoys playing the guitar and listening to her iPod which at last count had about 10 billion songs. She is a college student and has fun as college kids do. But, according to Blanche she has a strict 10 p.m. curfew (even on weekends). So if you see her out past 10 p.m. please inform Blanche...

If you look closely at her smile, you will notice she is wearing clear, ceramic cosmetic braces, which you can hardly see. She is currently under treatment with Dr. McIntosh, an orthodontist here in Maitland.

Mary Ann: Registered Dental Hygienist

Mary Ann is the longest standing member of our team, starting with Dr. Meiers 22 years ago. Although my name may be on the front door, it is rumored that she is actually my boss, and I don't deny or confirm that rumor. Mary Ann grew up in Ohio. She has been married to Steve for 26 years (she's a rookie compared to Jamie) and is the proud mother of two sons, Tom and Nick. She is an Ohio State graduate and a true Buckeye, so Gators beware!!! Patients have been known to nickname her "butterfly hands", as she is known for her incredible care and soft touch. The only complaints we receive about her, are that it's too tough to get an appointment with her as she has become very popular over the years. She has families that she has been treating parents all the way down to grandchildren for 22 years now.

Dianne: Registered Dental Hygienist

Dianne was born in Portland, Oregon, but considers Altamonte Springs her home, being a Florida native. She has lived around the country in a military family. She has been practicing dental hygiene for 29 years. I think it would be difficult to find a more thorough dental hygienist who is more meticulous and detail oriented. She has been with the practice since December 2009. Soon after her arrival we began to receive calls for her "fan club", a host of patients that have followed her around for years. I quickly realized she is someone special who needed to be made a part of my team long term. I am proud to have her, and I am certain my patients will quickly be part of her "fan club".

Blanche: Certified Dental Assistant

Few people have to ask who Blanche is, because once you meet her she's hard to forget (that's a compliment.) She has been with the practice for 3 years. She is the proud mother of Kim, who also works with us part time while finishing school. She was born and raised in the Philippines, then moved to the USA in 1990. She comes from a small family and has one older brother who still lives in the Philippines.

If you don't personally meet her in the office, you will likely hear her at some time, because she is constantly singing while she works in the office. I think the whole office looks forward to hearing her lovely voice in the background throughout the day. Actually, I've had patients ask me why she is not singing, insisting that she sing during procedures to calm their nerves. Outside of the office and her relatives Blanche has one more love she spends a lot of time with: her fiance Kurt, who she actually met here at the office. Kurt has been a patient for many years, and cupid struck one day when he was in for his cleaning with Mary Ann. It was kept a secret from me for about 6 months until things became more serious, and I was brought into the secret underground workings of my own office. We will keep you up-to-date in any wedding dates that may be planned although you may know before I do.

Liz: Certified Dental Assistant

Liz joined the practice on St. Patrick's Day in 2008. Why do I remember that? Because the first day, she arrived I handed her a green shirt to wear for the day and I really thought she may run out the back door thinking how crazy we are. Fortunately, she wore the shirt, and we could not imagine the place without her.

She was born in Elizabeth hospital, in Brooklyn, New York (which is how she got her name by the way), and also grew up in Brooklyn. She has not one or two, but ten brothers and sisters. So family for her is obviously a priority. She has 2 daughters of her own, Kayla and Gabriella, and her husband Chris. We are still waiting for the 8 more to match her parents, but we're not holding our breath. She is as focused and detail oriented as any assistant I could ever hope for, many times thinking faster than me and telling me what to do (scary, huh?) But, I quickly realized that's what keeps me on my toes. She works with us part time 2-3 days per week and is a huge asset to our practice. I have a sneaky suspicion, however, that we may lose her when she applies to dental school in the future.

Dana: Certified Dental Assistant

Dana is another perfect example of how luck and fate are my best friends. She came to our practice as a dental assisting student from the local dental assisting school (Lincoln Tech) to complete her internship hours for graduation. At the time we had no positions open but were certainly happy to have the extra help. After a few weeks I started having Blanche (my boss) pulling me aside and telling me how much she liked working with Dana, and how hard of a worker she was. I started to get the hint that I needed to quickly 'find' a position for her on our team and not risk losing her. Lindsey (a former assistant) decided she needed to stop her part time work with us to focus more on her duties as a new mother of 7 month old, Chase. So, as you can see, Dana is a product of luck and fate, and I love it.

Dana is originally from Herida, Venezuela. She is one of four girls, one being an identical twin. Her mother really liked names starting with 'D' which is obvious by her sisters' names:
  • Dariella
  • Daniela
  • Dariana (Dana's twin)
  • Danaella (Our Dana)

  • She came to America originally on a tennis scholarship at the University of Texas and then moved to Orlando to be closer to her sisters. She has one daughter Camila, who is love with anything to do with water and the ocean.

    I'll let you in on a secret about Dana. She was number one in her class, and at graduation she received the Honors Diploma, which is the highest honor given to each dental assisting class.

    Andrea: Dental Assistant

    Andrea is currently our newest team member. She was born in Ecuador's biggest city of Guayaquil (which by the way in Spanish sounds nothing like it does in English.) She moved to Orlando in 2007. Her father is still a practicing dentist in Ecuador, so dentistry is truly in her blood. She started school shortly after arriving to the United States.

    She began with us here as a student intern through Lincoln Technical institute Dental Assisting School. After about 8 weeks I started having my staff asking me if I could give her a job, or should I say telling me I have to find her a job. I knew quickly I had better find Andrea a position or I may be in trouble myself. After she made us her family's famous ceviche (Ecuadorian dish), I knew very quickly I needed her on my team. She currently works with us part time and also part time with local pediatric dentist, Dr. King.

    Maitland Family Dentistry, 331 North Maitland Avenue, Suite A3, Maitland, Florida 32751

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